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Do You Get Bail Money Back?

Bail is often difficult for people to afford. The most common question asked by individuals is, “Do you get bail money back?”. Whether one is paying the full amount of bail or only a small percentage, many are concerned with if it is returned. The total bail can be expensive, and most individuals do not have thousands of dollars to pay the bail bond premium.

If someone cannot afford a bail premium, they can seek a bail agent and acquire a surety bail which only requires a percentage of the bail premium compared to paying the full amount of cash bail. The majority of people do not have to deal with bail regularly, so, understandably, there is confusion about how bail works, the paying and the returning of a bail bond.

According to AboutBail, you won’t always get your money returned. Receiving money back is dependent on how you posted bail and if the defendant shows up to their required court dates. This article goes over the basics of bail and how to ensure that you receive your bail bond money back upon a defendant’s release or sentencing in court if they were found guilty.

Do You Get Bail Money Back? 

Many factors play a role in receiving the bail bond money back. Bail acts as a security deposit to ensure the defendant will show up for their court appearances. Whether the defendant is proven guilty or not, they are still a suspect and therefore must follow all court procedures.

After being arrested, if bail is granted, conditions are applied to the bail implementation. These conditions are not universal and are contingent on what the defendant was arrested for, their criminal history, etc. Depending on what type of bail was posted, it can be refunded if the defendant follows all release conditions.

One receives bail money back if:

  • Cash bail was placed to the court. You’d receive the full deposit back unless there were fines or fees charged by the judge.
  • If you utilize a bail agent’s services, the bail bond premium is not refunded. For example, if you used an agent to obtain a surety bond, you won’t get your money back. 
  • The money will be returned if the defendant shows up on all the required court appearances. 
    • If the defendant does not show up, you lose all your money. 
  • They are being found not guilty on the charge resulting in the full bail amount returned.
  • If a defendant pleads guilty, the discharge of bail will occur at the hearing.

Emphasis on How to Get Bail Money Back

Moreover, the type of bail posted affects the likelihood of receiving any refund. If you enlisted a bail bondsman to write a surety bond for the defendant, it is cheaper because you will only have to pay the bail agent a percentage of the total bail amount, usually 10%. However, the premium is non-refundable. The small percentage is usually considered a fee for the bail agent’s services.

Suppose you paid the court cash bail, as in you paid the total amount to the court. That bail money will be returned if the defendant makes all court appearances, pays all court fees and fulfills any court date. If the defendant does not show up in court or follow conditions, that money is forfeited. Furthermore, the defendant will also be arrested. On the condition that a defendant is found not guilty, the bond is discharged. If the defendant pleads guilty, the bond is discharged at sentencing.

If you secured a property bond, a property bond means you offered the actual value of your property to the court in exchange for the defendant’s release. When it comes to returned value, property bonds are similar to cash bail in that the court will legally seize the property if conditions, court dates, and court appearances are not met.

Purpose of Bail Money

Understanding what bail is and what a bond is are very important to understanding the purpose of bail money. Bail is the money paid into the court system to obtain the release of someone from jail who has been arrested. Bond is posted on the defendant’s behalf, usually by a bail bond agent, to secure his or her release. The purpose of bail is to make sure that a defendant attends all future proceedings for their case. Being out of bail is a contract with the court system. If the defendant keeps all scheduled court dates, the court releases/returns bail at the end of the case to the person who posted or paid it.

Refund Procedures

A refundable bail amount cannot just be released at your convenience. There is a process to receive money after paying bail. The process can take three to four weeks. First, you need to wait until the case is over or the defendant is being released, proven guilty, or proven not guilty. A defendant release can be:

  • Discharged- the defendant was arrested, but District Attorney decides not to file charges–discharges are better than a dismissal
  • Dismissed- the defendant was arrested, but for some reason, the District Attorney is no longer proceeding with the case
  • Acquitted- a verdict of not guilty was found in the case against the defendant
  • Convicted- a verdict of guilty was found in the case against the defendant, and there will be sentencing

To claim your money back, you will need to bring your bailor with you or let them attend your last court session for you. Typically, refunds will be returned by check even if you deposited bail to the court by cash. 

David Gallagher Bail Bonds’ office is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Our bail agents can assist in getting the defendant to required court appearances, obtaining surety bonds, and court procedures.


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Bondsmen near me – David Gallagher 24 hours bail bonds services

Bondsmen Near Me
After being arrested and the court proceedings, one may be looking for a “bail bondsmen near me”. David Gallagher serves the areas of Arlington, Southlake, Eagle Mountain, Tarrant County, and all of Texas to assist in paying the entire bail amount. It can be difficult for one to pay bail. Most people do not have the cash to cover the bail amount. However, the defendant could have the bail amount posted quickly with assistance from a bail agent and collateral. 

According to a legal service blog using a bail bondsman has many benefits such as: 

  1. Get you out of jail quickly
    • A bail bondsman knows who to speak to to expedite jail release, along with helping get all the paperwork together and filed.
  2. Lower the bail fee
    • When you hire a bail bondsman, you are only required to pay 10% of the bail amount, which can save the bank account.
  3. Offer legal expertise
    • A bail agent is familiar with bail procedures, the court process, and local legal counsel who could represent you or offer advice regarding your case.

Whether you committed the crime or not, being in jail can be scary for the defendant and for the loved ones of the person accused. Contact David Gallagher Bail Bonds if you were recently arrested for assistance from a bail agent. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to help in the process of quick jail release.

Bail Bondsmen Near Me 

First, to find a bondsman near you, one must understand the bail bond process. Bail is the sum of money that must be deposited by the accused to obtain temporary release from jail while awaiting a court date. The bail amount is set by the judge or the county jail scale called a schedule. Bail is designed to ensure that the defendant will return to the court hearings that are scheduled at a later date. As previously stated, many defendants cannot post the entire amount on their own or with help from loved ones and must turn to a bail company to help them post bail. In short, the bail bondsman is investing in the defendant by posting bail for them.

The easiest way to find a bail agent is by searching online. One can do this by searching in the local area or utilizing an online database. Once you find a few local bail bondsmen, it is ideal to screen them through credentials, background, and local reputation. If you have already obtained legal counsel, you could also ask them for a referral to a bail company they recommend. Your lawyer will be familiar with your case and can suggest a bail agent who has had success in cases similar to yours.

We recommend you save the hassle and simply save our number. David Gallagher Bail Bonds is the top bail bondsman in Tarrant County and have been successfully helping our clients for years!

How is the bail amount determined?

Bail is generally set at an arraignment where the defendant may enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. At that time, the judge sets the bond amount according to several factors: the crime’s seriousness, the defendant’s criminal history, or the local bail schedule. The purpose of bail is not to punish the defendant. It is against the Eighth Amendment to post the bond amount at an excessive rate. The jail will use a bail schedule to determine bail when it comes to common crimes. If it is affordable to the defendant, the defendant can walk out of the police station after paying the scheduled amount. This means the defendant does not have to wait for arraignment. 

If the amount is unaffordable for the defendant, it is a disadvantage for bail to be determined by a schedule. Some accused will find it more beneficial to wait for arraignment where their legal counsel could argue for a lower amount that a judge may set compared to the predetermined local jail bail schedule.

Can a family member cosign?

A co-signer can be anyone who knows the defendant. The stronger the relationship, the more likely the individual will be approved as a co-signer. Family members, spouses, co-workers, or long time friends are usually acceptable. By becoming a cosigner, one can assist their loved ones during the court process and get them out of jail as soon as possible.

There are responsibilities as a co-signer. A co-signer is responsible for the defendant and the bail premium due at the time of signing the contract. Being a co-signer means you are the liable party for the defendant. As co-signer, it is their responsibility in getting your loved one to court at scheduled times. If they fail to show up, the courts or bail company will seek the full payment from you.

David Gallagher Bail Services

Services offered by David Gallaghers are, but are not limited to:

  • 24 hour per day service
  • All Traffic Tickets
  • City, County, State Bonded
  • DWI
  • Felonies
  • Free Bail Information
  • Misdemeanors
  • Quick Jail Release
  • Walk-In Service
  • Walk-Through Bond
  • Warrant Information
  • Warrants

We go above just providing a bail bonds. We find it essential to get a loved one released and home while waiting for their trial. We believe it is a person’s constitutional right to be in the comfort of their home and with loved ones during these stressful times despite the trouble they may be in. 

David Gallagher Bail Bonds’ office is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer bail services that can assist in releasing a loved one from custody after committing a crime. Once the initial payment to David Gallagher’s Bail Bonds is paid, it is our responsibility to get your loved one home.


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Arlington Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds Fort Worth

Have you ever wondered, “What is Bail bonding?” Don’ t google search the answer! If you are ever in need of Arlington Bail Bonds, David Gallagher bail bonds services are here to help! David Gallaghers Bail Bonds have the most reliable licensed Arlington bail bonds agents in Texas. The Arlington area is one of our most vital locations in Texas. Our services are available 24 hours a day. The moment a person is arrested for a wrong turn in their lives can become very differentl. Whether you have made the wrong decision or have been wrongfully accused, Bail bonds can save you from sitting in jail while awaiting trial. At David Gallagher Bail Bonds, we provide bonds for:

  • DWI 
  • Misdemeanors 
  • First Degree Felonies
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Domestic Assault 
  • Walk Through
  • Possession of controlled substance
  • And more

Our goal is to get our clients a quick release from jail in a short period of time to have more time with their family. If you need help with your quick release, please contact us at David Gallagher Bail Bonds. We’ll do it in person and discuss it in detail with you. We’re the most reliable agents in the Arlington area!

The City of Arlington, Texas 

Arlington was initially known for its cotton and agricultural products. It is now home to 380,000 people. It was founded and laid out by the Texas and Pacific Railway railroad workers back in the late 1800s as a market town for the surrounding farms. Fast forward to modern-day, Arlington is home to the Dallas Cowboys and two state-of-the-art sports stadiums, host to many high-level sports clubs, a vibrant arts district, lively downtown, and the internationally famous entertainment park Six Flags Over Texas. All the attractions make the city a leading tourist destination in the state for those interested in sports, bowling, and theme parks. 

The city lies at the intersection of Dallas and Fort Worth in eastern Tarrant County. It’s the third-largest city in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area. The city has been a significant influence on many citizens of the region from its live music, art, diversity, and dense history. The downside to all of this public attraction is the increase of crime that comes with the increase of population.

Crime in Arlington, TX

Arlington’s crime rate is over 80% higher than the national average despite its friendly and fun atmosphere. Arlington is not always an ideal city. Over the last five years, crime has risen in violent crime and decreased property crime. Arlington’s crimes average around 1500. When living in Arlington, one in 33 are victims of theft, and one in 192 people can become victims of a violent crime. Arlington Police Department maintains constant security to provide a peaceful environment. Be aware that you may end up in jail if you look suspicious.

If you or a loved one has committed a crime and wound up in Tarrant County Detention Center, we provide bail bonds in Dallas-Fort Worth area. As a defendant, you may need specific legal advice. Call David Gallagher Bail Bond to assist in the bail bond process. Our bond dealers can walk you and your loved one through the bail process to obtain what is needed for post bail requirements. 

Bail Bond Payment Options

Our Arlington bail bond agents know that sometimes freedom comes at a high cost. From felony and misdemeanor cases, our bail agents can help get you or your loved one out of jail quickly. The standard charge from a bail bond company is as low as 10% of the total bail amount. This is dependent upon the charge and the history of the defendant. If a client cannot afford 10% of the bail bond, payment plans are available. Select from many payment options, including payment at the jail facility, credit card, personal checks, local checks, or credit checks so you can release a person quicker.

Even if your bail payment is not enough to meet your financial needs, the bail bond company can help. A payment plan will require collateral on the bond financing unless the client has an impeccable credit score. We’ll work with you to negotiate your payment for you. Once you pay and complete the paperwork, you or your loved one will be out within 24 hours.

Bail Bonds Fort Worth

David Gallagher Gets You the Freedom You Deserve

There are very few individuals who benefit from going to jail and having to sit in jail while awaiting trial. Unfortunately, many innocent citizens plead guilty to lesser charges simply for their job, family, or to go home sooner. Imagine getting arrested without knowing when you will be home, sitting for hours being questioned, or just forgotten waiting in a jail cell unsure of the next step. That would be unfair, but we have the knowledge to achieve jail release. 

To achieve jail release, we need you to fill out the initial documents, prepare the details about the defendant, their name, personal information, case number, and current location. Once you contact us and fill out the paperwork, we can start processing and proceeding while you relax. Our services are affordable and efficient, we guarantee a stress-free experience when working with our bail bondsman.

Some restrictions apply, such as if your case is so severe that the judge deems it unsafe for the accused to be released. We understand these times are difficult, that is why we can assure you that our bail bonds offers peace of mind. Let our professionals explain the criminal charges placed on the defendant by the court system and post county bail to get your loved one home.

David Gallagher Bail Bonds’ office is open 24-hours per day, seven days a week. We offer services in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Tarrant County areas! Regardless of your charges, our bail bondsmen have the expertise to achieve acquiring a Tarrant County bail. 

What Does “Bail Revoked” Mean?

Bail Bonds Fort Worth

In the court system, cases can take months to years for the next court date. To post bail is the ideal situation to wait for the scheduled court dates. However, posting bail comes with conditions of release. The judge sets these conditions. They include, but are not limited to:

  • When the accused needs to appear in court
  • Who the accused can contact and who may be related to the case
  • Court Dates
  • Where the defendant may travel and times he or she may be away from home?
  • Alcohol or drug testing requirements

If the defendant violates any of the set conditions when released on bail before they appear in court, this could result in bail revocation. Do you wonder “What does ‘Bail Revoked’ mean?” It means the individual can be taken back into custody to await their next court date. 

To avoid bail revocation and an arrest warrant, Bail Agent Network, along with David Gallagher Bail Bonds, suggest you adhere to conditions set, show up to the scheduled date for court, and do not commit any illegal activity while waiting for the court appearance. 

In some cases, bail can be reinstated in spite of the violation when working with a bail bond agent. The bail bondsman would have to convince the judge that you misunderstood the conditions of your release or there were extenuating circumstances for your failure to appear in court. Working with a professional, qualified bail bond agent is the difference between an arrest warrant and being released.

The Bail Process

Bail bonds are not common in other places around the world. Only the United States and the Philippines offer this assistance. Bail bond occurs when an individual is accused of an offense and is arrested. After the arrest and processing are completed, bail is set for the defendant, depending on the nature of the offense. Bail is set based on the crime itself and the severity of the crime, among other things.

Most people cannot afford to post bail. Therefore, they contact a bail bondsman who puts forward the money needed for a defendant to be released to agree that the defendant will follow bond conditions. To receive bail bonds, one must do three things:

  1. Fill out all proper paperwork for the bail bond
  2. Pay a percentage of the total bond amount
  3. Provide collateral for the bail bond to the company 

A bail bond can be costly. Ten percent of a bond can still cost someone up to $10,000, and with collateral, people are putting their homes on the line. It is important to trust someone whose bond you will be helping with–some families have lost their homes due to the accused individual jumping bail. 

What is Bail Revocation?

A bail bond revocation is a legal proceeding when a person is charged with a crime and returns to jail after being released on a bond. This can occur for numerous reasons and requires probable cause to arrest the individual. The reasons are a defendant may face bond revocation are but not limited to:

  • The defendant violated the conditions of bail
  • The defendant was in possession of drugs or a firearm
  • The defendant was arrested for another crime
  • The defendant jumps bail

According to attorney Janet Portman, “both federal and state courts have procedures for revoking bail. In federal court, the Bail Reform Act of 1984 controls the process. Suppose the defendant commits a crime while out on bail, there’s a presumption that no conditions of release can keep the community. The defendant is given an opportunity to rebut or overcome the presumption but doesn’t get a full-blown trial.” 

At that time, it is up to the judge to decide whether to revoke the bond or restate conditions of release. In addition to violating release conditions, the defendant may face fines, additional prison or jail time, and complete bond forfeiture.

Reasons a Court May Revoke Your Bail

Posting bail is one of the many practices that help the accused individual get out of jail for a period of time. Conditions of bail are set to ensure a defendant behaves appropriately when out, awaiting trial. When all conditions are met, the bail money is returned to the individual. It is not a fine. It is collateral that the defendant will adhere to all conditions of bail. If any of the conditions is not met, the refund is forfeited. Judges do not play with the bail conditions and all conditions must be strictly adhered to or the accused individual may end up back in jail without a refund of bail.  Action on the behalf of the defendant can result in a revocation of bail money, so when signing for another’s bail bond, be sure you trust the individual you plan to bail out.

Bail is often removed for several reasons, most often relating to a defendant’s behavior. A judge could order bail to be suspended depending upon the defendant’s actions such as the defendant being arrested or in trouble when already out on bail. When it comes to a revoked bail, you need knowledge of how to potentially fight to achieve the best outcome possible. David Gallagher will help you in any way possible, if and when bail has been revoked.

Our team will always do our best to help you!

Bail Bonds Fort Worth

Why contact David Gallagher if the courts revoke bail?

Once a defendant has executed an action against bail conditions that result in bond revocation, the bond paid is forfeited, and the defendant returns to jail. If the defendant jumped bail and cannot be located, the courts will be legally obligated to issue an active arrest warrant until the defendant shows up or is arrested. If the defendant turns themselves in, a judge tends to be more understanding than if they were to continue avoiding the criminal case. With the assistance of an attorney and bondsman, the defendant will return to court, where they will have the opportunity to have the bail bond reinstated through remission. This will require permission from the bond agent. Due to previous actions on the defendant’s part, the fees will be higher. Nevertheless, it will still be cheaper than if an individual bought the bond outright. 

Ideally, the defendant should contact a bail agent in advance and speak honestly under the protection of an attorney-client relationship on why they committed their actions. At David Gallagher Bail Bonds, we will be more willing to reinstate a bond if the client is honest and not actively trying to manipulate the situation. Bail bond agents are genuinely concerned about their clients jumping bail because it is more costly and a more significant burden to the bond company and the individual. 

Contact David Gallagher Bail Bonds for assistance if your bail has been revoked. It’s better to never have to worry about reinstating a revoked bail. That is why our team works with our clients to ensure all conditions of bail are met and there is no confusion. Contact David Gallagher Bail Bonds today!  

Tarrant County Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds Fort Worth

According to state records, 42,618 crimes were committed in Tarrant County in 2021. The crime statistics are slightly lower than the national average of overall crime rate but are higher than the national average in property crime. Higher crime rates mean more arrests, more individuals in jail, and an above-average demand for lawyers and bail bond agents.

Once a person is arrested and processed, bail is then decided by a judge who typically sets it off the county schedule. Trials can take days to months, but waiting for trial can be done outside of jail with bail. Bail bond agents can go over important information with the client, such as the Tarrant County Jail bond schedule, payment information, what is required to get out of jail quickly, and the court-ordered rules when being released from jail. 

When you are released on bail, you need to follow some rules and conditions, similar to those someone faces on probation. If someone breaks these rules, like a probation violation, they will get arrested and bail forfeited. 

If you or someone you know has been arrested in Tarrant County and needs assistance, trust David Gallagher Bail Bonds to help. Our office is familiar with Tarrant County bail schedule, jail release, and judges. 

Different types of bail bonds

If you or a loved one was recently arrested and needs to post bail, then you should know there are different types of bail bonds. At David Gallagher, we offer different bonds to fit our clients needs after an arrest. Every bail bond is unique to fit them, and the judge determines the amount at the initial hearing. The most critical part of bonds is to follow the conditions of your release. In addition, show up to court appearances and maintain contact with the judge or bail bondsman.

We offer three types of bonds: cash, surety, and property. 

  • Cash Bond– The inmate must pay the total amount of the due bail. A cash bond is used when a judge deems the defendant as a possible flight risk, danger, or someone that the courts would prefer to stay in jail awaiting and during the trial. If the accused can afford the bail amount, is released, complies with the terms of release, the bail is returned to them after sentencing.
  • Surety Bond– More often known as a bail bond. These bonds are used when the accused cannot afford the bond amount set by the judge. Family contacts a bail bond service that works with a surety company. A surety company is who the bail bondsmen work with to acquire money for your bail. The bail bondsmen represent the accused in a bail hearing, ensure the officiating judge that the company will pay the full amount of the bail bond if the client does not make it to court. The bail bond service company will require 10% of the bail amount and collateral from the accused, or the family to ensure court appearance. 
  • Property Bond– A lien is put on personal large possessions and property such as a boat, car, house, motorcycles, etc., in place of cash bail payment. If the accused misses a court appearance, the court can possess the items and the owner forfeits any claim to them. This type of bond should be considered only as last resort. 

Bail bond process

In Tarrant County, once someone is arrested and brought into custody, they are placed into a police vehicle and transferred to Tarrant County Jail. At the jail, he or she will complete an administrative process–booking. The booking process includes fingerprints, photographs, background check, and removal of all personal items. 

After the booking, an arrestee can only leave by posting an appropriate bail amount and following prescribed conditions. The arrestee does have the right to make a phone call to a loved one. A person in custody would need assistance in the bail bond process. First, they contact a bail bondsman to request money. To secure assistance usually requires the person to pay 10% of the full bail amount along with providing collateral. Next is to fill out the appropriate paperwork, provide phone and contact information, and discuss options with a bail bondsman who finalizes the contracts with a surety company. The signer of the paperwork assumes financial responsibility for the defendant to appear in court.

Once the bonds are secured and paid to the court, the defendant will be released on bail. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours depending on jail circumstances. 

David Gallagher–more than bail bonds

Located in Tarrant County within the metropolitan area of Fort Worth Texas, David Gallagher Bail Bonds is open 24-hours, 7 days a week. We serve fast bail bonds and help an inmate with as close to immediate of a jail release as possible in Tarrant County and surrounding areas. Our bondsmen can also provide referrals to a Fort Worth attorney who can assist you in your upcoming trials. It is in the defendant’s best interest to appear in court, and when they do, they will need a lawyer to represent their defense.  

Furthermore, securing a bond with our business could save you money by only needing to pay 10% of the total bail amount. It also saves you the stress of gathering the funds for release, especially if you need to hire a lawyer. 

Bail Bonds Fort Worth

David Gallagher Bail Bonds offers services near Fort Worth and Dallas! Regardless of your charges, we have the expertise to achieve a quick jail release. We understand these circumstances are difficult. We can help! Let the professionals handle the criminal charges and county bail.  

Tarrant County Inmate Search

Bail Bonds Fort Worth

David Gallagher Bail Bonds can assist if you have had a loved one who has been arrested in Tarrant County Texas. Once the individual has been incarcerated and fully processed by Tarrant County Sheriff’s office, an inmate search can be done on the Tarrant County web site. If you have issues with the website, you can call the county telephone operator for assistance. For any question obtaining the arrest, almost all official records of Tarrant County can be found on the Tarrant County web site. 

Once you have received all the information from the detention bureau, David Gallagher Bail Bonds can assist you with the process if you would like to post bail. Our expert staff at David Gallagher is familiar with Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley and the arresting process at Tarrant County Jail. 

What is an inmate search? 

An inmate search is a simple and easy way to retrieve inmate records on those currently booked into or incarcerated in prisons and jails. The records include personal and administrative information of the inmates. The official records contain identifying information such as name, age, sex, inmate number, and mugshot.  

In addition to identifying information, the records will also keep information on: 

  • Arrival, stay and release
  • Inmate’s offense
  • Security risk
  • Possible transfers

Most of these inmate records/information can be found on a public database. Inmate records are considered public and made available by government agencies and third-party websites. Be aware third-party websites will try to charge for this public information. If the site is asking for payment, use a different database. The only inmate information that is not public is health records. In Tarrant County TX you can access inmate information on the Tarrant County web site.

How to do a successful inmate search 

For a successful inmate search, you will need to know the proper database utilized—for example, those arrested by Tarrant County Sheriff’s and taken to the Tarrant County Jail.

To do a successful inmate search, you will want to open up supported browsers, internet explorer, or other search engines: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox. When trying to do a search, the database may ask for you to answer a CAPTCHA that proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass.

After you have secured to the database that you are human, search up the county or state database with a minimal amount of information. First, you will need the location of the sought-after record, including state, city, and possible county. Next, you will need the name of the person you are searching for. A juvenile inmate search gets a little more complex to access information. 

If you still cannot find the individual of concern in the local database, use the website called VINELink. VINE stands for Victim Notification system and covers almost every state. On this website you can set up notifications for an inmate’s updated status.

The Importance of Posting Bail

The first thought of most who have recently been arrested is, “When am I getting out?” When they receive temporary access to a phone, the first call is to someone who can post bail. Depending on the degree of the crime, generally, an individual can be released on their own recognizance. However, many people are forced to pay bail to get released. The Eighth Amendment states that no person can have an excessive bail amount set against them, but bail can still be unaffordable. 

To make bail when one does not have the means, an individual can contact a bail bondsman sucj as David Gallagher Bail Bonds. The purchase of a bond is 10% of the bond value, for example, if bail is set to $10,000, you can expect to pay $1,000 to receive a bail bond. Receiving a bond from a third party can require collateral and contracts ensuring that you will show up to court at a required time. If you fail to appear, the bondsman can cash in the collateral. 

Bail Bonds Fort Worth

David Gallagher Bail Bonds can help

When a loved one is arrested or convicted, everything changes. When unsure of the next steps, calling the Sheriff’s Office may not be helpful, a lawyer consultation will cost you, but David Gallagher Bail Bonds is here to help. The first concerns are getting the loved one released followed by figuring out how to afford the circumstance–we can assist you in that process. 

Our business was established in 2010 and our bondsman have over 60 years of combined service of working with the Texas criminal justice system and Texas commission. Our priority is you and assisting you in getting your loved one back home. 

David Gallagher Bail Bonds office is open 24-hour per day, seven days a week. We offer services in and around Fort Worth and Dallas! Regardless of your charges, we have the expertise to achieve a Tarrant County bail. We understand these circumstances are difficult. We can help! Let our professionals explain the criminal