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A felony charge is a very serious matter that must be treated with caution. Whether it is you or your loved one that has been charged with a felony in Tarrant County, the experience can be horrible. It can even bring a whirlwind of questions and concerns to mind. When someone finds themselves in such circumstances, usually help is needed. The event is usually followed by a number of phone calls to a friend, a family member or a guardian to kick-start the whole process of assistance and securing a bail. Fortunately, an easier, faster and much efficient way of securing a felony bail is to employ a Felony Bail Bonds service provider.

Examples of Felony Charges

Their classification as either a felony or misdemeanor depends on several variables, including the severity of the crime. Although, the following charges can be described as misdemeanors, severe offenses can be:

Theft, domestic violence, assault, drug possession, menacing, fraud, sexual assault, rape, murder, homicide, burglary, other.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are several ways by which your bail can be secured.


Either you or your family members pay the total bail charge to the court on your behalf. This charge will be held by the court until you (the defendant) appears in all court dates and the case is completed. At that point, the held amount will be refunded.


Property with equity equal to or above the total bail charge, you may sign it over as collateral for your bail. The most accepted properties may include credit cards, real estate mortgage, and car/vehicles. Other exceptions may be electronics, original jewelry, etc with proof of ownership and high resale value. This acts as insurance that the bond will be repaid if you do not show up in court. Once the case is completed, the paperwork will be returned and the lien removed.

Own Recognizance

The judge may grant you or your loved one bail on their own recognizance without providing any collateral or money. The judge must have been convinced beyond reasonable doubt that you or your loved one will appear to all the court dates.

Bail Bondsmen

Cash, collateral or own recognizance may not be an option for the defendant. At this point, you will need to hire a bail bondsman and that’s where David Gallagher Bail Bond would be glad to help. Our team is always available at your convenience. By using our services, you will only pay a premium of the bail cost while we post the rest of the bail on your behalf. This allows you or your loved one to bail out of jail at a rate you can afford.


There are conditions with Felony Bail Bonds

If defendant is found not guilty, a full refund of the bail bond paid to the court may be received. If you have arranged for bail on someone’s behalf, you will be responsible for everything. This includes signing up collaterals to the court, paying the bail bond and ensure defendant shows to court. If this is the case, we recommend you read, “Be prepared before you co-sign a bail bond“.

Felony bail bonds do not take much time

It is normal for someone charged with a felony to experience a long wait since there are legal steps that must be taken after an arrest. Even though the processing may take much time, securing a felony bail bond does not have to. Our bail bond services are available 24/7 to get you or your loved one out of jail fast. Once released, you may focus on going home, contact an attorney and prepare for your court date.

Felony bail bonds are expensive

Due to their weighty consequence, felony charges vary and the bail charge depends on the classification of a felony. Bail charges are usually determined by judges. Which is, typically much higher than the bail amount you would see for a misdemeanor charge in Tarrant County. Before deciding on the bail bond amount, the judge considers several factors. This includes the crime’s severity, the defendant’s flight risk, and criminal history among many others. For instance, a crime as little as shoplifting may attract an automatic bail amount of $1000. While, domestic violence may attract a $10,000 bail bond or even more. In some cases, the maximum bail amount can be set in an attempt to deter the defendant from securing their release while awaiting the outcome of the trial. Because felony bail comes with a higher dollar amount, most people cannot afford to post bail from their pocket. Therefore, most defendants turn to a bail bondsman to cover the cost.

If you are charged with felony, these steps could help you

• Remain calm and polite
• Understand the felony offense you are charged with
• Contact an attorney immediately
• Be honest with your attorney
• If possible, make a list of witnesses
• Attend all court proceedings

We exist to help you or your loved one!
For reliable felony bail bond services in Tarrant County, you can count on the experts at David Gallagher Bail Bond. We have seen all types of felony charges and offer fast, efficient and a safe environment to help you secure a bail bond. Our bail bond service is confidential and available 24/7 at your convenience.

Why choose David Gallagher Bail Bonds Services?
Our close communication with all of our defendants is what distinguishes us from another bail bonds agent in Tarrant County. It is little wonder why our clients are always happy to rely on our expertise. We keep you informed on every step of the process, treating you with the highest respect like our very own family.

To find out more about how we can help, kindly call us at 817-831-8881. Feel free to visit in-person at our office location or fill out our bail bond request form.

Be prepared before you co-sign a bail bond

Be prepared before you co-sign a bail bond

Bail posting is a constitutional right of anyone accused of one crime. Often, the accused may be unable to exercise this right due to a financial constraint. At this point, the accused may need to find someone who is willing to co-sign the bail bond. You can consult David Gallagher Bail Bonds for your guidance anytime.

Who is a bail bond co-signer?

Known as an Indemnitor, a bail bond co-signer is someone with a serious legal responsibility. They will need to sign a promissory note that obligates them to the following:
• Ensure that the Bail bond premium is fully paid
• Ensure that the defendant appears at all court hearings and meets any other bond requirements
• Pay the full amount of the bail bond if the accused person fails to obey any court order

Once the bond is co-signed, the defendant will be released on bail pending resolution of the charges against them by the court.

What is involved in co-signing a bail bond?

Generally, co-signing a bail bond involves presenting tangible properties with considerable resale value as collateral. This includes credit card, car/vehicles, real estate mortgage, jewelry, electronics, or anything with proof of ownership. This helps guarantee the bail bondsman gets back the money they have pledged with a collateral bond to the court.

Risks involved in co-signing a bail bond

If your friend or a relative was arrested, it is important you consider all the liabilities involved before you make any decision to co-sign a bail bond and get them out of jail. Co-signing a bail bond has several risks. If the defendant fails to abide by the court orders and bail conditions, the bail bondsman won’t be able to get back their 90% until the accused is brought to court.

There is only a limited time to do this. If it’s unsuccessful, it is not going to be an easy situation both for you, the co-signer, and the defendant. In most cases, the co-signer will need to pay the bail bondsman their 90% or forfeits the property that was pledged for collateral. You will also be liable for any expenses incurred by the bail bondsman to bring back the defendant to trial.

What is the maximum time a bail bondsman has to locate a fugitive before a co-signer pay the bond?

The bail bondsman usually has six (6) months from the date of forfeiture to get the defendant back to jail. They can, however, request an additional six months from the court if there is a progress in locating the fugitive.

Who Should You Sign For?

To avoid any liability issues, make sure you only co-sign for individuals you can trust and know closely.
It may not be of your best interest to co-sign a bail bond for someone who:
• You do not know for at least a year
• Have a history of evading the law
• Have a criminal record
• Likely to commit further crimes or disobey court orders
• Unemployed among many other

Do you know your rights as a bail bond co-signer?

If the defendant deliberately avoids a court hearing or commits another crime, the co-signer has the right to cancel the bond. This includes, if the co-signer feels the accused will not appear in court, they can contact the bail bondsman to request a bond withdrawal. Consequently, the judge can immediately revoke the bond and order for the re-arrest of the defendant. At this point, the bail bondsman will hand over the details of the accused to a bounty hunter. Since they are regarded as court agents, bounty hunters can cross limits to arrest and return a fugitive to jail.

What will a bail bond agent do?

When you are faced with the decision to get a loved one released from jail, using a bail bond service is the easiest and an affordable way to go. Bail bond agents act as a co-signer and offer about 90% of the bail bond against collateral that has to be provided by the defendant. This allows the accused to return to his daily life, focus more on defending themselves in court, and be out of custody.

What are the charges of using a bail bond agent?

A bail bondsman usually charges 10% of the total bond as their fee for assuring the bond and securing the release of the defendant. This percentage is generally paid in cash and is non-refundable to the co-signer.

Other things involved in co-signing a bail bond

Once you co-sign a bail bond, a bail bondsman will ensure that the accused complies with all bond conditions, particularly, in appearing in court as at when needed. And for further assurances, a co-signer can request that the accused be subjected to a complete mental health evaluation and a drug test. This is to gauge the accused physical and mental conditions.

Can anyone co-sign a bail bond?

No. Not everyone can co-sign a bail bond. A co-signer must:
• Be a citizen of the same country and have lived in the same area for a set period
• Have stable employment
• Sufficient credit
Note: Laws may differ by state.


As a bail bond co-signer, you need to understand the related responsibilities and possible risks that are involved. Note that you cannot be released from the bail bond unless the case is absolved. This is either the defendant is found guilty and jailed or the case is totally dismissed.

For further discussion and obtain expert advice on the subject matter, you can consult David Gallagher Bail Bonds for your guidance. We have years of experience in the bail bond industry and you can rely on us. Kindly call us today to get started.

What Does Contempt Of Court Mean?

What Does Contempt Of Court Mean?

Contempt-of-CourtContempt of court is a serious criminal offense that involves being rude or disobedient towards a court and its officials. It is a type of court order issued when a judge feels someone has shown a persistent nonchalance of or disregard the court in such a way that:

• affects the court’s ability to carry out a fair trial
• shows disrespect to the court’s operations or authority
• Shows contempt to the person of the judge and what they represent to the law
• The court is unable to continue functioning

What causes contempt of court?

Activities that can cause or bring about a charge of contempt may include, arguing, yelling, yawning, or exhibiting frustration while in court among several others. A coordinated contempt is also an unsuitable demonstration in the sight of the judge and usually starts with a notice.

Factors that are required to set up contempt of court:
• Willful neglect to obey the court order
• Knowledge of the court order by the respondent
• A valid court order has been issued
• The ability of the respondent to render compliance

If all these four factors are true, then the person is considered to be in contempt of court. Contempt of court restricts or challenges the judge, equity, and the poise of the court. At the point where a court decided that activity has constituted contempt of court, the judge can issue a court arrange that with regards to a court trial, someone or an association has ignored or been impolite of the court’s power.

It is rare for someone to be charged for contempt without receiving at least one notice from the judge. Don’t be fooled to think even one notice will not be joined quickly by a punishment ranging from paying a fine to serving a jail term. If someone is charged and may feel the court’s order is unjust under any circumstances, they are free to hire a lawyer to properly defend themselves from such charges.


Contempt of court is an important power that a judge has that keeps the control of the court. It should be used only in rare cases where, without it, it becomes extremely difficult for the court to function. Since the consequences of court contempt are very severe, it is essential to behave always during court proceedings. David Gallagher Bail bonds understand that whatever the situation is, and you are in need of support and help with bail bonds. We are here for you!

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Are there multiple Charges?

Can’t afford bail bond in Tarrant County or Fort Worth, Texas?

Can’t afford bail in Tarrant County or Fort Worth, Texas?

Can’t afford bail bondBail can be described as what a person accused of a crime must do to regain freedom, but only until their trial. Some accused individuals may get bail for free while others are given an extremely high bail amount. This is after the judge considers the nature of the offense and the future safety of the victim and the community. If you or any of your family members don’t have the cash and can’t afford the bail, what should you do? Will you just sit in jail till you find the money or wait for your hearing which can take months or even years?

One of the most significant issues in the United States is the affordability of bail. Whether you are a defendant or you have a friend in custody, David Gallagher Bail Bonds wants to share some available options in case you can’t afford bail.

Seek bail reduction through your lawyer

Your lawyer, most times, will have access to information that you don’t and might know someone who may be willing to help. And also, if the requested bail amount is extremely high for you to make, your lawyer can seek a reduction from the Judge as fast as possible. In some cases, a request for a bail reduction can be carried out during a special hearing or at the arraignment. If the Judge won’t agree to a reduction, then your lawyer will need to file a Writ of Habeas Corpus. This action involves requesting for reasons why you are being held in violation of the United States and Texas constitutions.

Contact Friends and families

Friends and family can come together to raise the bail fee if can’t afford bail money. Your spouse or any other member of the family can reach out to friends, uncles, etc that might be able to help. It is normal for them to want to know the details about the arrest so as not to be in trouble in case you run away from them when your bail is granted. No one is superior to mistakes. You just need to be honest and tell them what really happened.

Hire a professional bail bondsman

A professional bail bondsman company is there to provide bailout funds for people accused of a crime. They see you as a client rather than a criminal and will look for ways to meet your bail requirements regardless of your finances. However, you will be required to pay about 10% of the bailout fee upfront and then provide the remaining later. At David Gallagher Bail Bonds, we understand your situation, which is why we offer payment plans that fall within your budget.

Contact David Gallagher Bail Bonds now!

David Gallagher Bail Bonds believes in working with you to ensure reasonable and affordable treatment. We work mostly with clients in Fort Worth, Texas, and Tarrant County. To find out more about how we can assist you and get someone out of jail fast, you can call us 24/7, visit in-person, or fill our bail bond contact form. We will be glad to help you!

Common mistakes to avoid when using Bail Bond Service

Common mistakes to avoid when using bail bond service

common-bail-bond-mistakesAre you in need to use the services of a bail bondsman in Tarrant County or Fort Worth, Texas? If so, then the following bail bond mistakes list could be very important for you. David Gallagher Bail Bonds understands nobody is superior to making mistakes. During a challenging time when you need to get bail fast, it is possible to make wrong decisions that cause you more trouble. If the proper precautions are not taken, this decision could lead you or the victim back in jail. To prevent such occurrences, we are providing the top common bail bond mistakes you should not make.

Common Bail Bond mistakes

Providing a wrong address

Even if you gave a wrong address for a good reason, it will do you no good. When posting bail, it is very important you provide a correct address to avoid putting your bail request at a higher risk of being denied. Be sure to double-check the address before you post bail to ensure that you are getting it right. Bear in mind that if anything fishy is spotted with your paperwork, a bail bond agency could withdraw their assistance.

Traveling While on Bail

Unless your traveling is not restricted, traveling without first informing the court or your bail bond company can cause problems. If you miss showing up for your court dates, this can jeopardize your case. If you need to travel at all, let them know for how long, your destination and the best way to reach you. In fact, it is best to avoid traveling until your case is settled.

Choosing the Wrong Bail Bond Company

It is important you do thorough research prior to choosing any bail bond agent. Be sure to check for the legitimacy of your potential bail bondsman. You can verify, by asking for their license number. You can also read online reviews about them to give you a general idea of what to expect and enable you to make an informed decision. Knowing a bail bondsman reputation can easily tell you if they are the perfect fit for you.

Delay in bail Arrangement

Quite a number of people will request for a bail arrangement, but fail to do it immediately. Depending on the offense, the least time for a bail to be granted can be about a week. Therefore, the sooner you take a step and contact us, the sooner your loved one will be out of jail. At David Gallagher Bail Bonds, we are available 24/7 and remain open all through the year.

Re-arrest while Out on Bail

Re-arrest of offenders while on bail happens a lot. The last thing you or your loved one would want to see is to land back in jail. The moment they are out on bail, it is a great idea to maintain a low profile and be of good behavior. Under no circumstances should they even risk being arrested for the same offense as before. Going to jail the second time while still awaiting trial will certainly increase the final amount of legal fee, court fee, etc. Not only that, but it will also possibly ruin your reputation with the court and your bail bondsman might withdraw your bail if they feel that you can’t be trusted.

Summary of the bail bond mistakes list

If you or your loved one has already been arrested, we understand that your aim is to simply rectify the situation as fast as possible. David Gallagher Bail Bonds can do that for you and that’s why we exist. With our team of experienced bail bond agents, we will work to ensure a bail bond is posted and the defendants are released. To find out more about how we can assist you to get out of jail fast, you can call us, visit in-person, or fill our bail bond contact form. We will be glad to help you!

What is a Surety Bond?

Fort Worth Surety Bond

So, What is a Surety Bond, you wonder?

By definition, a Surety bond is a legally binding contract that insures accountability will be met between three parties:

In the case of dealing with bail bonds, the three parties would be of the following. Someone that is in need of the bond, is considered “the principal”. The organization that is requiring the bond, is “the obligee”. Last, but not least, the bail bonds company that guarantees to pay “the principal” and fulfills the requirement of ‘the obligee”, is the “the surety”.

Often misunderstood, Surety bonds and their purpose are diverse depending on which viewpoint one may be coming from. A lot of confusion is because they are part insurance and part credit. If you want to learn legal terms check out our bail bonds glossary.

How Much Does a Surety Bond Cost?

In most cases, the cost of surety bonds is a small percentage of the bond amount required. Generally, the percentage is up to 10% of the full bond amount, but this can vary by the bond type you need and your financial strength, and situation with the courts.

If you need more information about Surety Bonds or all of our Fort Worth bail bond services, please contact David Gallagher Bail Bonds 24/7, we will be glad to assist you with any questions you have.