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Let’s discuss Bail bond reinstatement details in Fort Worth, Texas

Reinstate-bail-bondIt is essential to understand what a bail bond reinstatement is in Fort Worth, Texas. When a defendant’s bail bond is approved and that individual is out of jail, it does not mean their legal issues are over. They still need to return to court as much as required until the case is over.

There are times when a defendant will fail to appear for a court date or violate the terms of their bail bond agreement. When this happens, the issued bail bond can be revoked by the judge, and an arrest warrant can be issued. This is why it is important to notify the bail bond agency if the defendant cannot appear in court to avoid the situation from getting out of hand. Courts do not change dates lightly and accept very few reasons for missing a court date. Changing a date can be difficult and it is the job of the defendant to make all court dates to avoid bail revocation. If there is a genuine reason for the violation, a bail bond reinstatement can be pressed.


What exactly do we mean by bail bond reinstatement?

Having a bail bond reinstated refers to the process of reinstating a previously revoked bail. It is a legal process that generally requires action by an attorney. Changing dates could incur fees to be paid by the bail bondsman. These fees, in turn, are passed along to the defendant. Remember, bail bonds are serious business and having a bench warrant removed requires additional court fees. When a judge grants reinstatement of the bail, the bail bond is reactivated. 

How does bail bond reinstatement work?

Suppose for any reason (whether genuine or counterfeit) the defendant could not make it to all court cases. In that case, the judge has the power to withdraw their bail bond and automatically issue a bench warrant for their immediate arrest. Furthermore, a bail bond can be withdrawn if the defendant commits another crime while out on bail. 

In the case of missing a court date, the defendant will need to consult their bondsman, who will file a document for their bail bond reinstatement when this happens. This form will explain why the defendant fails to appear and formally request for bond reinstatement. The process usually takes a couple of days, although some courts may take about ten days to schedule the hearing.

What does it mean when a bail bond is reinstated?

The reinstatement of a bond implies that the case will continue from where it stopped before the offender missed court and had their bail revoked. In addition, the defendant will avoid penalties like fines, additional charges, and jail terms. Bail reinstatement is important for any individual wishing to not forfeit their bail money to the court.

Can bail bond reinstatement be denied?

Nothing is impossible. Some factors determine whether or not a bail bond can be reinstated. They include:

  • Charges of the crime committed
  • How long it has been since the bond was forfeited
  • Does the court judge has a reason to refund the bond

How Soon Can I Get a Bond Reinstatement?

By using our bail bond service, you can get your bail bond reinstated typically within a week to ten days. Our core value is our customer’s satisfaction, which is achieved by offering services with respect and dignity. We have your best interest in mind and will work to keep you out of jail while you await your court trials. For further enquiries, feel free to call us or fill out our contact form. One of our experienced staff members will be glad to attend to you.



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