Common mistakes to avoid when using Bail Bond Service

Common mistakes to avoid when using bail bond service

common-bail-bond-mistakesAre you in need to use the services of a bail bondsman in Tarrant County or Fort Worth, Texas? If so, then the following bail bond mistakes list could be very important for you. David Gallagher Bail Bonds understands nobody is superior to making mistakes. During a challenging time when you need to get bail fast, it is possible to make wrong decisions that cause you more trouble. If the proper precautions are not taken, this decision could lead you or the victim back in jail. To prevent such occurrences, we are providing the top common bail bond mistakes you should not make.

Common Bail Bond mistakes

Providing a wrong address

Even if you gave a wrong address for a good reason, it will do you no good. When posting bail, it is very important you provide a correct address to avoid putting your bail request at a higher risk of being denied. Be sure to double-check the address before you post bail to ensure that you are getting it right. Bear in mind that if anything fishy is spotted with your paperwork, a bail bond agency could withdraw their assistance.

Traveling While on Bail

Unless your traveling is not restricted, traveling without first informing the court or your bail bond company can cause problems. If you miss showing up for your court dates, this can jeopardize your case. If you need to travel at all, let them know for how long, your destination and the best way to reach you. In fact, it is best to avoid traveling until your case is settled.

Choosing the Wrong Bail Bond Company

It is important you do thorough research prior to choosing any bail bond agent. Be sure to check for the legitimacy of your potential bail bondsman. You can verify, by asking for their license number. You can also read online reviews about them to give you a general idea of what to expect and enable you to make an informed decision. Knowing a bail bondsman reputation can easily tell you if they are the perfect fit for you.

Delay in bail Arrangement

Quite a number of people will request for a bail arrangement, but fail to do it immediately. Depending on the offense, the least time for a bail to be granted can be about a week. Therefore, the sooner you take a step and contact us, the sooner your loved one will be out of jail. At David Gallagher Bail Bonds, we are available 24/7 and remain open all through the year.

Re-arrest while Out on Bail

Re-arrest of offenders while on bail happens a lot. The last thing you or your loved one would want to see is to land back in jail. The moment they are out on bail, it is a great idea to maintain a low profile and be of good behavior. Under no circumstances should they even risk being arrested for the same offense as before. Going to jail the second time while still awaiting trial will certainly increase the final amount of legal fee, court fee, etc. Not only that, but it will also possibly ruin your reputation with the court and your bail bondsman might withdraw your bail if they feel that you can’t be trusted.

Summary of the bail bond mistakes list

If you or your loved one has already been arrested, we understand that your aim is to simply rectify the situation as fast as possible. David Gallagher Bail Bonds can do that for you and that’s why we exist. With our team of experienced bail bond agents, we will work to ensure a bail bond is posted and the defendants are released. To find out more about how we can assist you to get out of jail fast, you can call us, visit in-person, or fill our bail bond contact form. We will be glad to help you!