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Searching for “Bondsman Near Me”?

Needing a trusted “bail bondsman near me” is not something most are looking for until they require one. If you need a bail bondsman you can trust, look no further than David Gallagher Bail Bond. Our bail agent will work with you from inception until its completion. The David Gallagher team is available to help 7 days a week, 24-hours per day! 

We make sure you understand the entire bond process and do everything to ensure the defendant appears before the judge on each court hearing assigned. Our team can post bail quickly, ensuring your loved one is home safe with you as quickly as possible. 

Our bail bond experts are the best in the industry and understand the bail bond process through and through. With years of experience, we have helped secure bail bonds for many individuals in need of our assistance in Tarrant County and beyond. 

What is a Bail Bond?

Bail bonds are needed to release a loved one from jail when a crime has allegedly been committed. The cost of the bail bond depends on the individual being accused and the severity of the crime the defendant is being accused of committing. The more severe the crime, the more money will be needed to bail out the individual. The dollar amount is not a fine. It is collateral paid to the court to ensure the defendant will indeed appear in court, as assigned and expected. 

Once the bail bondsman is ready to pay bail, there is paperwork with the bail bond agreement. The process will be explained to the responsible party. Our job is to ensure everyone is aware of the rules and requirements of a bail bond.

What is the Bail Bond Process & Bail Bond Timeline?

The bail bond is an agreement between the bail bond agency and the responsible party. If the defendant fails to meet their end of the agreement, the bail bond may be retracted and will then be confiscated by the court. Once this has occurred, it is nearly impossible to get the money back, and there will be a warrant issued for the defendant. 

It is essential to take a bail bond agreement seriously. Ensure the defendant appears to all court dates on time and is in touch with the bail officer and bail bond company frequently. Our 24-hour bail services are available 365 days per year and are here to help in your time of greatest need. 

What are Things I Should Know When Securing a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a legal agreement between the responsible party and the bail bond company. At David Gallagher, we make sure to explain all expectations of the bail bond and all required expectations from the beginning. 

Do not take out a bail bond for another individual unless you fully trust that individual. Once we post bond and all paperwork has been signed, the legally responsible party is the one who has all of the responsibility to pay back the bail amount if forfeited, not the defendant. If, for example, the defendant fails to appear in court as expected for a court date, the bail bond amount will be forfeited, and the signing party will now be responsible for paying not only the estimated 10% for the bail bond loan but the entire loan amount.   

Here are some requirements you will want to keep in mind when securing a bail bond.

  • Make sure you trust the incarcerated individual. As the individual signing the bail bond agreement, you are responsible for the full bail bond amount in the case where the bail bond is forfeited. 
  • Pay close attention to court dates and requirements of the bail. There are almost no circumstances where being late to a trial is forgiven by the judge. If a defendant is late or misses the trial date, a warrant is created, and the bail bond is forfeited to the court.
  • Find a bail bond agent you can trust! At David Gallagher Bail Bonds, we make sure to explain the entire process to the individual signing for the bond. Most people are unaware of the severity of missing court dates and not following requirements. We make sure our clients are well aware of expectations and answer all bail bond questions.

Why Trust David Gallagher for my Bail Bond Needs? 

When you trust David Gallagher with your bail bond needs, we make sure you know your expectations every step of the way! Having an arrest happen is a common occurrence. Having a cash bail ready to go in such a circumstance is much less typical! You can trust your David Gallagher bail bondsman to be with you throughout the entire bail bond process, explaining the paperwork every step of the way! 

When life happens, and you have a loved one arrested, don’t let them spend any more time than necessary locked up! Call David Gallagher Bail Bonds. We can help! Call 817-831-8881.