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A felony charge is a very serious matter that must be treated with caution. Whether it is you or your loved one that has been charged with a felony in Tarrant County, the experience can be horrible. It can even bring a whirlwind of questions and concerns to mind. When someone finds themselves in such circumstances, usually help is needed. The event is usually followed by a number of phone calls to a friend, a family member or a guardian to kick-start the whole process of assistance and securing a bail. Fortunately, an easier, faster and much efficient way of securing a felony bail is to employ a Felony Bail Bonds service provider.

Examples of Felony Charges

Their classification as either a felony or misdemeanor depends on several variables, including the severity of the crime. Although, the following charges can be described as misdemeanors, severe offenses can be:

Theft, domestic violence, assault, drug possession, menacing, fraud, sexual assault, rape, murder, homicide, burglary, other.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are several ways by which your bail can be secured.


Either you or your family members pay the total bail charge to the court on your behalf. This charge will be held by the court until you (the defendant) appears in all court dates and the case is completed. At that point, the held amount will be refunded.


Property with equity equal to or above the total bail charge, you may sign it over as collateral for your bail. The most accepted properties may include credit cards, real estate mortgage, and car/vehicles. Other exceptions may be electronics, original jewelry, etc with proof of ownership and high resale value. This acts as insurance that the bond will be repaid if you do not show up in court. Once the case is completed, the paperwork will be returned and the lien removed.

Own Recognizance

The judge may grant you or your loved one bail on their own recognizance without providing any collateral or money. The judge must have been convinced beyond reasonable doubt that you or your loved one will appear to all the court dates.

Bail Bondsmen

Cash, collateral or own recognizance may not be an option for the defendant. At this point, you will need to hire a bail bondsman and that’s where David Gallagher Bail Bond would be glad to help. Our team is always available at your convenience. By using our services, you will only pay a premium of the bail cost while we post the rest of the bail on your behalf. This allows you or your loved one to bail out of jail at a rate you can afford.


There are conditions with Felony Bail Bonds

If defendant is found not guilty, a full refund of the bail bond paid to the court may be received. If you have arranged for bail on someone’s behalf, you will be responsible for everything. This includes signing up collaterals to the court, paying the bail bond and ensure defendant shows to court. If this is the case, we recommend you read, “Be prepared before you co-sign a bail bond“.

Felony bail bonds do not take much time

It is normal for someone charged with a felony to experience a long wait since there are legal steps that must be taken after an arrest. Even though the processing may take much time, securing a felony bail bond does not have to. Our bail bond services are available 24/7 to get you or your loved one out of jail fast. Once released, you may focus on going home, contact an attorney and prepare for your court date.

Felony bail bonds are expensive

Due to their weighty consequence, felony charges vary and the bail charge depends on the classification of a felony. Bail charges are usually determined by judges. Which is, typically much higher than the bail amount you would see for a misdemeanor charge in Tarrant County. Before deciding on the bail bond amount, the judge considers several factors. This includes the crime’s severity, the defendant’s flight risk, and criminal history among many others. For instance, a crime as little as shoplifting may attract an automatic bail amount of $1000. While, domestic violence may attract a $10,000 bail bond or even more. In some cases, the maximum bail amount can be set in an attempt to deter the defendant from securing their release while awaiting the outcome of the trial. Because felony bail comes with a higher dollar amount, most people cannot afford to post bail from their pocket. Therefore, most defendants turn to a bail bondsman to cover the cost.

If you are charged with felony, these steps could help you

• Remain calm and polite
• Understand the felony offense you are charged with
• Contact an attorney immediately
• Be honest with your attorney
• If possible, make a list of witnesses
• Attend all court proceedings

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