Can’t afford bail in Tarrant County or Fort Worth, Texas?

Can’t afford bail bondBail can be described as what a person accused of a crime must do to regain freedom, but only until their trial. Some accused individuals may get bail for free while others are given an extremely high bail amount. This is after the judge considers the nature of the offense and the future safety of the victim and the community. If you or any of your family members don’t have the cash and can’t afford the bail, what should you do? Will you just sit in jail till you find the money or wait for your hearing which can take months or even years?

One of the most significant issues in the United States is the affordability of bail. Whether you are a defendant or you have a friend in custody, David Gallagher Bail Bonds wants to share some available options in case you can’t afford bail.

Seek bail reduction through your lawyer

Your lawyer, most times, will have access to information that you don’t and might know someone who may be willing to help. And also, if the requested bail amount is extremely high for you to make, your lawyer can seek a reduction from the Judge as fast as possible. In some cases, a request for a bail reduction can be carried out during a special hearing or at the arraignment. If the Judge won’t agree to a reduction, then your lawyer will need to file a Writ of Habeas Corpus. This action involves requesting for reasons why you are being held in violation of the United States and Texas constitutions.

Contact Friends and families

Friends and family can come together to raise the bail fee if can’t afford bail money. Your spouse or any other member of the family can reach out to friends, uncles, etc that might be able to help. It is normal for them to want to know the details about the arrest so as not to be in trouble in case you run away from them when your bail is granted. No one is superior to mistakes. You just need to be honest and tell them what really happened.

Hire a professional bail bondsman

A professional bail bondsman company is there to provide bailout funds for people accused of a crime. They see you as a client rather than a criminal and will look for ways to meet your bail requirements regardless of your finances. However, you will be required to pay about 10% of the bailout fee upfront and then provide the remaining later. At David Gallagher Bail Bonds, we understand your situation, which is why we offer payment plans that fall within your budget.

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