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David Gallagher Bail Bonds in Fort Worth, TX, offers fast bail bonding services for the Tarrant County Jail. When a loved one goes to jail, professional bondsmen can guarantee a quick jail release along with payment plans. David Gallagher Bail Bonds Fort Worth has experience working with Tarrant County Bar Association and the local court to provide bail. 

From property crimes to custody disputes, one can go to jail fast even when it is not a serious offense. Therefore, it is best to have a fast response with an expert in bail bond service. For service with Fort Worth bail, contact David Gallagher Bail Bonds Fort Worth Office for fast bail bonds.  


What is the Bail Bond Process?

Once arrested, the accused individual is processed and sent to their first hearing, where the judge sets bail. Afterward, the defendant can contact family or a bail bond service. The bail bonds agent discusses options such as the percentage of the bail amount needed to receive bail, available payment plans, and required phone check-ins. Typically, a loved one will then make a payment to the bondsman so the release process can get started and post bail for the defendant. Ideally, David Gallagher Bail Bonds seek to get an immediate jail release at Tarrant County Jail in Fort Worth, Tx. 

If a defendant cannot cover the fee, David Gallager Bail Bonds will offer payment plans with various payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, and cash bail money payment works. 

How is Fort Worth Bail Determined

The bail bond amount in Fort Worth is announced at the defendant’s first court appearance after an arrest. The judge ordinarily sets a bail amount by adhering to standard practices. Another way many inmates are posting bail is by adhering to the Fort Worth bail schedule that gives a specific amount for ordinary crimes. A defendant can pay the bail amount set by the county jail bail schedule for an immediate jail release. 

The amount on the bail bond schedule varies according to the locality, crime type, and more. A general rule within bail bonds is that offenses classified as felonies are more expensive—an average of five to ten times the bail required for felonies. If you want to pay a lower bail, the schedule is inflexible, and you are required to speak with a duty judge or judge at the next court hearing. 

A judge can raise or lower the bail to fit the case’s circumstance. Although rare, a judge can also waive the bail entirely and grant release on the defendant’s recognisance. The judge may raise the bail amount due to past criminal records and the crime’s severity. In contrast, the judge may lower the amount of bail because the defendant is employed, has a clean record, and has ties to the community. 

Flexible Payment Plans

The usual fee for a bail bond provided by David Gallagher Bail Bonds is 10% of the total bail amount. Like the bail, this percentage depends upon the severity of the charge and the defendant’s history. Not everyone can afford the amount of bail announced by either a judge or the Tarrant county schedule. To those who cannot afford to post bail, payment plans are offered to avoid coming up with the full 10% fee. If the loved one or defendant does not have a good credit score, collateral for the bail bond will be required. Those with good credit may qualify for a no-interest, nothing-down loan. 

Bail Bond collateral can vary in many forms from money, vehicles, bank accounts, real estate, etc. All the collateral needs are equity in it, and the bail bondsmen will hold it until the premium to the bond has been paid off. Collateral helps ensure the company that the cost of the bail will be paid off and conditions of the bail won’t be broken. Bail bonds are a holding fee that ensures the defendant shows up to court dates and does not break the conditions of bail set by the courts. 

Bail Bonds Fort Worth


While the defendant is still facing court charges and is still paying towards the bail bond, it is the norm if a company does not fully trust the client to require check-ins. They can happen in three forms, physical, phone trap-lines, and websites. A physical check-in is preferred for some high-risk bail bond recipients. It shows that the defendant is still in town and they have not fled to a new location. These check-ins can occur once or twice a week. This report form should be utilized for clients you want to assure are still in the area.

A phone check-in is for lower-risk bail bond recipients. Each client receives a unique PIN that tells the bail bond company calling for a report. No calls can be anonymous, and the call does not need to be answered. Each day the calls get checked for the clients, and the numbers used to call are then saved. The calls provide great information if a client does not show for court; the bail company can look up the phone numbers used to call and check in for investigative purposes.

A website is for the lowest risk bail bond recipients. The client goes onto the website and fills out a form that asks a few questions. This can be done at any time for their convenience and is a privilege for the low-risk clients to have the comfort of just logging onto the website.

Some clients will have to do a combination of check-ins. This is left up to the bail bond company and varies from case to case.

The David Gallagher Bail Bonds office is open 24/7, 7 days a week, in Fort Worth, Texas. We offer services near Fort Worth, and Arlington! We can get any bail and help our clients get jail release sooner! It is a stressful time for families. Let the professionals get the bail bond posted quickly and get your loved one released!