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Many a time, someone violates the law for a moment of unawareness. But once the person is arrested, they have to follow the legal process and get a bail bond to get released. It’s practically impossible to deal with such a situation without help from trained legal-matter experts. What would you do if your loved one is arrested? You need to get in touch with a reliable bail bond provider. But finding someone trustworthy on short notice is not easy. You have to pay a hefty amount to get the person out of jail. David Gallagher Bail Bonds is a tried and tested name in providing Bail Bond in Tarrant County at a fair price. We follow Texas bail bond rules and regulations.



How Does a Bail Bond Work?

A bail bond works as a guarantee between the bondsman and the court. It secures the freedom of your loved one till the trial date. When someone gets a bail bond, it ensures the defendant is present before the court on the specified date. It helps the defendant to prepare their defense, all the paperwork to ensure the case is presented in the best possible way. However, it needs a significant amount of money, and you may not have that readily available. The bail bond provider pays it on your behalf with a promise from you in writing that you would pay it with their fees and abide by the bail conditions.

Different Ways the Bail Can be Posted in Tarrant County?

Bail in Tarrant County, TX, can be posted in three different ways.

  • Cash Bail: In this case, the defendant provides the amount in cash or cheque.
  • Bail Bond: In the case of a bail bond, the bondsman posts bail on behalf of the defendant.
  • Property Bond: In this case, the defendant has to submit his property papers as a bond.

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Advantage of Hiring David Gallagher Bail Bonds for Your Bail Bond

We have more than 60 years of experience in the criminal justice system of Texas. We know what it requires to get your loved one out of jail. Our trained professionals have experience dealing with complex cases to ensure the bill is provided at the earliest. We take all the hassles of preparing the paperwork and visit the court so you can stay stress-free. Our job is not finished even after getting the bail. We also provide help with the post bond process so that your loved one can live everyday life.

Don’t Take Stress when We are Here.

If any of your family members, friends, or relatives are in jail, you can’t keep yourself calm. We have six decades of experience in dealing with thousands of such cases and have legal expertise. So, don’t look elsewhere and contact us soon for a bail bond in Tarrant County.